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Julie Bourke
17th July 2015, 06:55 PM


Fancy a drag show? How about listening to an incredible club female club
singer?Mondays at Robarta are all about live and hilarious entertainment. The
night starts with the incredible Amanda Monroe singing top of the chart
hits from 9pm to 11pm followed by our three favourite DRAG QUEENS-- SPANKY DQ (MC/Host)
- Amena Jay (Professional dancer/Choreographer)
- Aaliyah Storm ( Professional dancer )You can enjoy our girls each hour from 11pm to 3am. They perform
productions shows and some incredible solo performances. Spanky plays fun
games on stage and all our prizes can be found at the bar!This is an awesome night you don't want to miss!
Fancy a drag show? How about some incredible singing live on stage from artist Amanda Monroe?
Mondays are all about FUN at Robarta and our incredible performers are there to take you on the wildest ride of your life!
From9pm-3amenjoy live singing and drag shows as well as some awesome music from DJ BUUNTY. We don't close til 6am so do yourself a favour and take Tuesday off work!

DRINK specialS: $4 Vodka (til midnight) $5 Beer/Wine/Cider/Bubbles $4 Tap Beer

http://www.robarta.com.au (http://www.robarta.com.au)
Robarta St Kilda