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Mick Pacholli
1st March 2012, 04:11 PM
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Lots of exciting new release wines!

Many wineries are releasing their new wines to at the moment so life is exciting vinously.
For those who missed the surprise release of the Foster e Rocco Fiano 2011 at the Friday night tasting, no problems - good stocks are still available.
At our Seppelt tasting, the superbly balanced Seppelt Grampians Riesling 2011was released. There are small amounts only of this wine. Ring or email us if you want us to hold onto some for you.
Another great summer drinking new release is Crittenden Estate Los Hermanos Saludo al Txakoli 2011. Made as a "salute to Txakoli" - the easy drinking, great food wine from the Basque region of Spain.
All of these are great drinking in this late summer that has arrived on us.
Oh....and don't forget Soumah Savarro 2011 .... or Geoff Weaver Sauvignon Blanc 2011 .....or Kate Hill Riesling 2011 .....or any of our Rosés..... or ....too many to write about!
Come in and check out our wide array of exciting wines!

Wine of the Week

Paradise IV The Bates’ Ford Shiraz 2010
Paradise IV was firstly established in the 1850’s but the vines were pulled out in the 1881. The vineyard was re-established in 1988 by Ruth and Graham Bonney. The collaboration with Doug Neal has brought a spectacular outcome. Every wine is gaining accolades.
The new release of the Bates’ Ford Shiraz has delicate aromas of mixed peppercorns – red, green and white. The palate is light in body but heavy in flavours of raspberries and white cherries with a lightly spiced finish. The tannins are very soft making this a perfect Shiraz for Pinot Noir lovers.
$37.95 per bottle

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Our "Best of the Best" 2011
There are very small number of these special mixed dozens left. For full tasting notes click here (http://winebins.us4.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=6ebde3cc2c6b4225a19a717c7&id=ef3c73ba8f&e=0b0627c805).
Don't forget our free offer of the Jeremy Oliver Wine Annual 2012 with purchases of $300.00 only. Website sales only.
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Wine tastings, wine courses and other events


(http://winebins.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6ebde3cc2c6b4225a19a717c7&id=b887649be7&e=0b0627c805)A trip around the Rhône Valley
Friday 2 March 2012 5:00 – 7:00
The southern Rhône has a vast array of excellent drinking Grenache based wines that are really affordable. Come and taste some with us.

Friday 9 March 2012 5:00 – 7:00
Watch this space! A surprise.

Amherst Winery masterclass - A vertical tasting
Thursday 15 March 2012 7:00 – 9.00pm
A rare chance to look at some older vintages from this 23 year old family winery with a five star rating from James Halliday. Luke Jones, the winemaker, will lead us through an outstanding selection.
$20.00 per person (redeemable on purchase). Places are limited so book in early to avoid missing out.

Italy – the north vs the south
Friday 16 March 2012 5:00 – 8:00
Southern Italian wines are cheap and hopefully cheerful while wines for the north of Italy show real finesse and elegance …….. or do they? Come and have these myths dispelled with a great selection from both the north and south of Italy with Paul Taylor.

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