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7th June 2014, 02:25 AM
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How much effort are you putting into your relationship?
Our relationships go through cycles similar to the weather where there is growth, definition, birthing and hibernation. Many couples seek the feeling of excitement that they first had at the beginning of the relationship, not knowing that by effective communication, the relationship can grow into a much deeper and even more fulfilling level.
It is important that we commit to unconditional love & compassion. If you both put each other first & place importance on understanding each others world, communication becomes much more flowing and your connection is strengthened.
Great relationships have great strategies. What lights up your partner? Is it when you surprise them with a gift for no reason? Or when you do a chore around the house? Is it when you hug them? Is it when you say I love you or spend quality time with them?
It's important that we don't get into the busyness rut. Too busy for the little things that can mean so much. Being fully present when your partner is talking to you. Giving them a big hug & kiss when you greet them & when you say goodbye. When is the last time you looked into their eyes?
Make it your mission today to take time out to increase the dose of the love you give your partner. Love is surely a great medicine.

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