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7th June 2014, 02:25 AM
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To be successful in life, we need to have a healthy view of our own self worth. We need to stretch our self so that we can learn, grow & reach our full potential. To support us in our journey, we need to have empowering role models around us. People that are our biggest cheer squad in life. Ones that have high standards & will challenge us so that we stretch our comfort zones to achieve the goals that we desire.
They are people who have achieved great success that you would love to be like. Whether they are a great role model as a mother, husband, friend, business entrepreneur, health guru, financial expert etc. If they have the results that you would like, then immersing yourself in learning their strategies will escalate the results that you will achieve.
These role models all share an empowering mindset & will be genuinely disappointed with your losses but will whole heartedly celebrate your wins. They see the potential in you and eagerly wave the flag for you in support.
What we expose our mind to externally will have an effect on how we think & the decisions that we make. If you haven't got your ideal mentors in your circle yet, it's time to seek them out.

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