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23rd May 2014, 12:00 AM
Theatre Review by Lisa Romeo
What: Memorandum
Where: TheatreWorks
When: 20 May to 01 June 2014
Concept/Audio-Visual Design/Performance: Kate Hunter
Lighting Design: Richard Vabre
Memorandum is a world premiere presented by Theatre Works as part of their 2014 selected works season. Kate Hunter, the sole performer, has investigated the relationships between memory, neuroscience and performance making, and in Memorandum exposes snippets of her muddled, random, unreliable memories.
The performance captures the bizarre, the comic and the crazy short and ethereal snapshots of memories that often lay dormant and are stored in the back of all of our consciousness. It has you questioning if it is truth and facts that we remember from our past, or events slightly exaggerated by the mind of a child and brought about by life experiences. Hunter brings out the vulnerability of our fragile mind that can only deteriorate with age.
Such bold and thought provoking statements had me asking what fiction is and what is real; “We are all dying just as soon as we are born. Our cells are constantly replacing themselves. So you’re not the person you think you are. In fact, if you’re middle aged, most of you are probably only about 10 years old.”
Memorandum emphasises the peculiarity of the mind; are we naive as children, or is it our memory in adulthood that deceives us over time and is distorted into a combination of truths that intertwine in an attempt to put together a puzzle with many missing pieces?
This is my own interpretation, as it is a show that can leave you confused by its meaning and purpose, but it doesn’t matter as an explanation is not necessary. We all know the human mind can act in mysterious and often neurotic ways. Each of us lives in our own little world, and our deep and inner thoughts and recollections are private and not often exposed to others.
Hunters’ performance is outstanding and is beautifully complimented and enhanced by the 4 times Green Room Awards winner lighting designer Richard Vabre. The combination of live, and pre-recorded narratives that simultaneously overlap into an echo make a striking sound-scape, accompanied by the music that is a combination of piano, accordion bellows, glass bottles, human breathing, birds and various other sounds. The visual design is profound.
For me this performance was poetry in motion. It is a compelling self examination of one’s own mind and memory, what we store, what we remember and what we share with others is different for each of us.
4 stars