View Full Version : Stefano Lubiana Pinot Noir 2011

3rd August 2013, 02:45 PM

Tasmania $52.00

I love Pinot however not all expensive Pinots are good and not all cheep Pinots are bad.

But the rule of thumb is good Pinot starts around $30.00, and Pinot get better after $30.00 and this Tasmanian Pinot is no exception.

Like all good Pinots itís not cheep, but for Pinot lovers we pay $50.00 plus dollars and expect to be impressed, impressed I was,
and this wine has just rekindled a love affair with Tasmanian Pinots cherry quite dark colour however it is bright.

A little reserved on the nose at first, with red cherry and dark fruit with anise and clove making their presence known as the wine opened.

The palate reveals ample levels of red fruits, and a beautifully silky finish soft and lush there is good weight and mouth filling minerals complete this wine

This wine is still young and only time about two to five more years will see this wine just starting to show its self.

Yes this is an outstanding Pinot. And yes I now have to drink a lot more pinot from Tassie.

God itís a hard life.

MAX at Winebins in Prahran