View Full Version : RIVETTO DOLCETTO D ALBA 2008

Mick Pacholli
28th July 2013, 02:54 PM

Dry fruit is dominant in this wine both in the mouth and on the nose, sour cherry and mature pulpy fruit fill the mouth this is a good thing
It is a very dark ruby red colour.

Took one glass and put the cork back in left it for 24 hours and drank it next night.

The wine is quite rich; the taste is strong, potent and persistent. With some air it becomes soft without the slight bitter tannins it started out with and becomes balanced with good dry fruit and slight mouth watering acid this wine has evolved into a very good wine that easy to drink and is so enjoyable.

The thing to remember about Italian wines is they need a lot air to show their best side. Yes food is a big part of enjoying Italian wines, some drink well by them selves and this one is no exception it drinks beautifully by its self but comes to life with simple food!