View Full Version : 2005 Brand's Laira 40th Anniversary Cabernet

28th July 2013, 02:31 AM

Sometimes decisions need to be made, whether they're decisions that contribute to the well being of a relationship or a decision that is purely selfish. I made the selfish one.

Celebrating a birthday (non spectacular zero ending) by myself I pulled out a very decent Cabernet from the wine fridge, only for a screwcap to catch my eye in amongst some corked glass. The age of the wine surprised me, so back went the Jim Barry Cover Drive & out came the wine mentioned above.

Back in 2005 Coonawarra was producing good Cabernets before they went wandering for a few years. This typical cab has the pronounced blackberry nose with minimal oak and the palate I describe as sucking on the old fruit pastille........sweet to start but then the fruit & acid kicks in and the length of this wine keeps going on like a chemical engineer and a blank whiteboard.

Unfortunately I don't believe that there is alot of this wine about anymore (it cost me quite a few bucks three years ago) so if you see some it would be worth the dollars as there is another 10 years at least left in this bottle (now empty).

So, back to the selfishness......it is my birthday today & the rest of the family have gone to a family birthday party & I am home alone (except for the Jack Russel), therefore I'm not sweating like a Gypsy with a mortgage because of the guilts & I feel relaxed & contented because I have enjoyed a special red wine on a special day.

Neil (Robbo) Robinson