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Mick Pacholli
13th July 2013, 03:11 PM
1) * * The standard wine bottle size today is 750ml, and while there are* many theories behind why this size was settled on, it’s believed to be based on the lung capacity of an average man! When glass bottles were hand blown, they were made with a single puff from the glass blower before the glass cooled too far, so it became a common average bottle size.2) * * *Grape vines are amazing plants and there are (rare) examples in Europe of vines that are up to 400 years old. However it is generally agreed that the oldest productive vines are in Australia – with plantings dating back to the 1840’s. The main reason for this is isolation from the Phylloxera pest that destroyed virtually all the European vines in the late 19th Century. This led to modern European vines being grown on rootstocks which tend to reduce the life span of the vines.3) * * *Shiraz is the most planted grape variety in Australia, and is also the name of a town in Iran. While many like to believe that the Shiraz variety originated in the town of Shiraz, this isn’t the case! It seems that the original French variety name ‘Syrah’ was mis-spelled or mis-pronounced during the early years in Australia and so became known as Shiraz.4) * * *Red grapes can make white wines. The red colour of grapes is located in the skin, so if red grapes are pressed off skins quickly, the resulting grape juice is very pale in colour. The best known example of this is ‘Blanc de Noir’ Champagne, which literally translates to ‘White from Red’ and is made using the Pinot Noir variety.
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/~/media/Wolf Blass/Images/From Our Winery Blog/ancient wine.ashx5) * * *Wine and winemaking is as old as civilisation itself, with evidence of wine being produced as far back as 7000 B.C. in Georgia. It was important to many of the great cultures through the ages, including the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The Roman Empire had a huge impact on modern viticulture, and virtually all of Western Europe’s modern wine regions began growing grapes during its long reign.6) * * *Up until the 1960’s, 85% of wine made in Australia was fortified, such as Ports, Sherries and Muscats. However the trend towards table wine has been dramatic and now fortified wines represent less than 3% of current wine production in Australia. *7) * * *In the wild all grapes are purple-red. The colour is particularly attractive to birds, who eat the grapes and disperse the seeds over a wide area. White grapes (in reality a green-gold colour) are the result of a small mutation that turns off the colour-producing genes, and have been selected and cultivated through the ages for their different flavour profiles.8) * * *The Vatican City has the highest per capita wine consumption of any state in the world at an impressive 70L per person per year!9) * * *The most expensive bottle of white wine ever sold is an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem from Bordeaux. It’s a dessert-style sweet wine and sold in 2011 for 75,000 Pounds (approximately $110,000 AUD). A current vintage Chateau d’Yquem retails for around $400 AUD, so might be a good investment for the future!10) * *The oldest existing bottle of wine is believed to date back to the end of the Roman Empire, from 350A.D. and is held in the Pfalz Historical Museum in Germany. Young by comparison, the oldest drinkable wine is generally agreed as being the 1727 Rudesheiner Apostelwien, also from Germany.

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