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Mick Pacholli
13th July 2013, 03:11 PM
"God made only water but man made wine" – Victor HugoIn the heat of vintage we may not always acknowledge it, but there’s much more to vintage than making wine. It’s more than grapes, more than vineyards and more than the weather. Vintage is a vibrant, exciting and exhausting labour of love. A blend of people, their origins, experiences and stories that meld together to create wines which carry the personality of every individual stamped clearly upon them.Vintage is a synergistic culmination of every thought, every decision, every creative moment. A compendium of our combined skill and knowledge, which shapes the ultimate quality of our wines. Our wines tell the stories of our people.* They capture the essence of where they come from as clearly as they express the places we grow our grapes. They tell our history, they communicate our values, they speak of our culture. They draw from our families, our knowledge and our experiences. So today, as we crush our final grapes for the 2013 vintage, we acknowledge the unfailing contribution of the many people who come together to make our wines.The Vineyards
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/~/media/Wolf Blass/Images/From Our Winery Blog/Pickers.ashxBehind every great winemaker is a great viticulturist. Those who know every vine intimately, every peculiarity of every block. Those who feel and understand every fluctuation in the weather more intimately than an expert meteorologist. The growers who know their region, their sub-region and every sod of soil on every block better than the backs of their weathered hands. The grape pickers who bring their exotic cultures and food to the region, their stories to the vines. The tractor drivers, harvester operators and truck drivers who between them are the vital link in delivering grapes from the vine, to be crafted into wine.The winery
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/~/media/Wolf Blass/Images/From Our Winery Blog/Michelle bw.ashxAt the winery there are those who schedule and book our fruit, our weighbridge operators and truck marshallers who manage the logistics of every grape that comes through the gate. The lab technicians who analyse our juice and wine, monitor yeasts and other wine microorganisms - fundamental to ensuring wine quality is maintained. There are our amazing administrative staff and record keepers who keep us in line, above board, and up to date. And after we spill sticky grape juice and red wine all over our tasting room, there are our indefatigable cleaners who tirelessly tidy up after us, emptying hundreds of bottles and washing copious glasses every day. And when the press breaks down at 3am, what would we do without our maintenance crew - did you know it’s a fact that presses only break down in the wee hours of the morning!And of course there’s our team of winemakers, both our regulars and our cracker vintage team. Some with the wisdom of decades of experience, others with a youthful hunger to learn. All with a fervor to create the ultimate wine of their dreams.The cellar
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/~/media/Wolf Blass/Images/From Our Winery Blog/Timbw.ashxThere’s an old saying in the wine industry that your wine is only ever as good as your cellarhands. And nothing could be more true. At Wolf Blass we are blessed with team of long-term cellarhands who pride themselves on their capability and dedication to make the best wine possible. They are highly trained and extraordinarily devoted with hundreds of years of experience between them. As winemakers we could not possibly do what we do without them. We also have a vibrant bunch of vintage itinerants who move from place to place, country to country, seeking out the thrill of vintage work. All of which adds to the melting pot of vintage stories and backgrounds.The energyThere is an electric energy this coterie brings to every vintage. A buzz. A passion and drive. A tireless dedication to work long days that seem to stretch out to forever, despite being mentally drained and physically exhausted. Early starts and late finishes. Exposed to the elements from the heat of late summer to the brisk chill of early winter. Tasting more grapes and wine before lunchtime than most people would taste in a year. Getting dirty, dusty and covered in mud. Getting sticky with grape juice and stained with wine. Aching in every fibre of our bodies. Hands cracked and purple. Seeds in our boots and skins in our hair. Pride in our accomplishments.The funEach bottle we make encapsulates this energy. The hours, the effort, the dedication, and above all the fun. Yes, for all the hard work that goes into vintage, you can rest assured there is plenty of fun to be had along the way. Whether it’s time out for a sausage sizzle with cellarhands manning the barbecue; or the camaraderie of lunch prepared by the white winemakers for the red team, still facing a sea of grapes when the whites have started to slow down; or maybe it's just the silly hysteria that can set in after long hours at the crusher.Vintage is one big happy whirlwind rush of adrenaline. And ask any one of us, we’re all in this for the love of it.*"God Made Only Water but Man Made Wine" was first published in our winemakers blog during the 2012 vintage. As it so well sums up our appreciation for our amazing vintage team, we are revisiting it today, at the close of the 2013 vintage to express our thanks to all who have been a part of this vital and exhilerating experience. We appreciate you all and say "thank you". Here's to another successful vintage.

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