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Mick Pacholli
12th July 2013, 06:32 PM
Screen Australia today announced over $570,000 in funding to support 19 filmmaking teams to develop their feature film projects, provide three new industry internships through the Talent Escalator Program, and support three emerging directors through the Director's Acclaim Fund.
The team behind The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, writer/director Stephan Elliott and producer Al Clark, will be supported to develop their new comedy Flammable Children.
Shane Danielsen will develop his science fiction script set in the West Australian desert, End of Animal, with producers Michael Wrenn and Paul Yi. Eron Sheean is attached to direct, with Lizzette Atkins executive producing.
Writer/director Jacqueline McKenzie will develop her drama King: A Street Story with producer Robert Coe and executive producers Jocelyn Moorhouse and Timothy White.
Writer Melina Marchetta will be supported to adapt her bestselling novel for the screen, the mystery romance On the Jellicoe Road, with producers Sue Taylor and Rosemary Blight. Kate Woods is attached to direct.
Pest Control is an action comedy script from writer/director Christopher Weekes and producers Jamie Hilton and Michael Pontin about a city that finds itself overrun with monsters, with the only hope of survival resting with an all-woman team of pest controllers.
Jamie Hilton, with producer Michael Petroni, will also be supported to develop Truck Dogs for the screen, based on the children's book by author and illustrator Graeme Base.
Writer Lally Katz and producer Marian Macgowan will be supported to develop the feature script Neighbourhood Watch, a drama about an unlikely friendship between two neighbours, with Gillian Armstrong attached to direct.
Bait 2 3D from writers Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause and producer Gary Hamilton will be developed as a sequel to Bait. Michael Wrenn is attached as executive producer.
Red Earth is a drama set in frontier Queensland in 1882, about a Chinese bride desperate to escape her arranged marriage. It will be developed by writer/director Liselle Mei and producers Trish Lake and Dan Lake.
Producer/writer/director Robert Connolly will be supported to adapt the action thriller The Shipkiller, about one man's determination to win at sea the justice he has been denied on land. The film will be based on the bestselling novel by Justin Scott, with Gale Anne Hurd and Henry Morrison attached as executive producers.
Starfish is a sex comedy told from the girls' perspective, from writer/director Hannah Moon, writer/producer Robin Geradts-Gill and writer Stephen Sholl.
Producer Michelle Harrison will option the novel Playground Duty by author Ned Manning.
Writer/director Miranda Nation will spend six months on an internship working with director Kasimir Burgess and producer John Maynard on the feature film Fell. Emerging producer Samantha Dinning will spend four months in London working with the development and acquisitions team at distribution and production company Element Pictures (The Guard, Shadow Dancer, Omagh) and producer Charlie Carman will spend four months in Los Angeles working with producer Josh Kesselman (Courage Under Fire, Doctor Dolittle) at Thruline Entertainment/Tagline Pictures.
Three emerging directors, Jessica Redenbach, Mirrah Foulkes, and Paola Morabito, will receive support through the Director's Acclaim Fund, which will provide them with an opportunity to progress their professional development.
See below for the full list of announced projects in development.
Genre Horror
Producer Gary Hamilton
Executive Producer Michael Wrenn
Writers Shayne Armstrong, Shane Krause
Synopsis An air marshal and a small group of air crash survivors must try to escape a sinking jetliner before it plunges into an oceanic trench, while they are hunted by huge and deadly tiger sharks.
Genre Crime, historical
Producers Lyn Norfor, Sheila Jayadev
Executive Producer Nina Stevenson, Greg Sitch
Writers Andy Cox, Ranald Allan
Synopsis Quinn returns to the home he fled 10 years earlier when he was falsely accused of murdering his beloved sister. When he finds out it was his own uncle who killed her, Quinn must tell his mother in order to clear his name and for justice to be done. But he could never have reckoned with the terrible demand his mother would now make of him from her deathbed.
Genre Western
Producer Lucy Maclaren
Executive Producer Joe Connor
Director Jasmin Tarasin
Writer Polly Watkins
Synopsis After doing time for cattle-rustling, one time circus star 26-year old Jessie is placed in the custody of a brutal husband. Determined that she and her child will live free, Jessie escapes, but the consequences see her branded as a murderess. Now mother and baby are on the run.
Genre Drama
Producer Robert Coe
Writer/Directors Sam McKeith, Tom McKeith
Synopsis After causing the accidental death of a recovering addict, a small time drug dealer desperately searches for a way to make up for what he has done. When he discovers that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with the addict's child, the dealer is finally offered a path to redemption.
Genre Science fiction
Producers Michael Wrenn, Paul Yi
Executive Producer Lizzette Atkins
Director Eron Sheean
Writer Shane Danielsen
Synopsis When an unknown catastrophe befalls the Earth, Jess, a pregnant 20-year-old, is caught between towns in the middle of the West Australian desert, which proves the start of a terrifying journey to safety. She realises to her horror that her own unborn child somehow represents the key to this disaster.
Genre Comedy
Producer Al Clark
Writer/Director Stephan Elliott
Genre Drama
Producers David Jowsey, Vincent Sheehan
Executive Producer Rebecca O'Brien
Writer Shaun Grant
Synopsis Based on the award-winning Australian novel by Craig Silvey.
Genre Romance
Producer Lizzette Atkins
Director Matthew Saville
Writer Shane Danielsen
Synopsis As the rough and tumble era of tent boxing fades into the hot outback sunset, once-promising boxer Kid Snowball falls in love with feisty Skye, and finds himself forming a bond with her 10-year-old son Darcy. But when an unexpected tragedy strikes their travelling troupe, he finds himself at the crossroads; a choice between his family and his lifelong dream of winning one final bout against the reigning champ.
Genre Drama
Producer Robert Coe
Executive Producers Jocelyn Moorhouse, Timothy White
Writer/Director Jacqueline McKenzie
Synopsis King, a courageous and resourceful 12-year-old street-kid who acts like a dog, finds acceptance in a small community on the outskirts of the city. But the threat of a redevelopment forces King to his final redemption.
Genre Drama
Producer Marian Macgowan
Director Gillian Armstrong
Writer Lally Katz
Synopsis 27-year-old Catherine forms an unlikely friendship with neighbour Ana, a cranky 80-year-old Hungarian woman prone to offending everyone. Through a spirited retelling of stories from Ana's past, Catherine finds a way back into her life and Ana can die in peace.
Genre Drama
Producer Heather Oxenham
Executive Producer Phillip Noyce
Writer/Director Darlene Johnson
Synopsis 1951: An olive-skinned teenager runs away from an Aboriginal government reserve and joins a travelling carnival, but finds she can't outrun who she really is.
Genre Mystery romance
Producers Sue Taylor, Rosemary Blight
Director Kate Woods
Writer Melina Marchetta
Synopsis Abandoned by her mother at a roadside deli on the outskirts of Jellicoe, Taylor Markham knows all about survival, but not much about who she is. Now 17, a chance meeting with a mysterious hermit provides a clue to her identity, but in trying to unlock the truth about her past, Taylor must first deal with the present. Based on the bestselling novel by Melina Marchetta.

Genre Action, comedy
Producers Jamie Hilton, Michael Pontin
Writer/Director Christopher Weekes
Synopsis When a city finds itself getting overrun with monsters, our only hope of survival rests with an all-woman team of pest controllers.
Genre Drama
Producers Trish Lake, Dan Lake
Writer/Director Liselle Mei
Synopsis Frontier Queensland, 1882. Desperate to escape her arranged marriage, a Chinese bride begins an erotic game with an English plantation owner, hoping to buy back her freedom.
Genre Action, thriller
Producer/Writer/Director Robert Connolly
Executive Producers Gale Anne Hurd, Henry Morrison
Synopsis One man determined to win at sea the justice he has been denied on land. Based on the bestselling novel by Justin Scott.
Genre Comedy, drama
Producer Robin Geradts-Gill
Director Hannah Moon
Writers Hannah Moon, Stephen Sholl, Robin Geradts-Gill
Synopsis Headstrong, independent Georgia can't wait to show her friends the joys of the caravan park – parties, beaches and hot surfy guys. But when her BFF Ashley falls for a boring schoolboy, Georgia's plans are dashed as everything revolves around the lame romance... A sex comedy from the girls' perspective.

SINGLE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Feature Matched Initial Option
Genre Comedy
Producer Michelle Harrison
Writer Ned Manning
Synopsis A thoughtful and humorous account of an insider's experiences and insights into the teaching life; from country towns to a Canberra college, from an Indigenous Arts Centre to the Newtown Performing Arts High School, Ned Manning has evolved into the best kind of teacher.
Genre Family
Producers Jamie Hilton, Michael Petroni
Synopsis Sparky is a small truckdog with a big heart and an even bigger load on his shoulders as he attempts to match it with the big boys, the mighty truckdogs that rule the highways. Based on the children's book by author and illustrator Graeme Base.
Director Jessica Redenbach's short film Tender was selected for International Competition at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and won the ADG Award for Best Short Film in 2013. Jessica will spend time developing her television project with producers Kate Croser and Sandy Cameron in preparation for submission to broadcasters.
Director Mirrah Foulkes' short film Dumpy Goes to the Big Smoke was nominated for Best Short Fiction Film at the AACTA Awards. Mirrah will collaborate with mentors including directors Garth Davis and David Mich๔d and writer Luke Davies.
Director Paola Morabito's short film I'm the One was selected for competition at the Venice International Film Festival. Paola will work with Andrew Bovell to develop her first feature film.
TALENT ESCALATOR PROGRAMS: International Script Workshop
Genre Biopic
Synopsis Inspired by the true life story of Australian teenage daredevil Dale Buggins, Reckless is a tragic tale of a young man adrift in a fantasy from which he wakes to encounter the destruction of his hero and a world that no longer makes sense.
Writer/director Miranda Nation will spend six months working with director Kasimir Burgess and producer John Maynard on the feature film Fell.
Producer Samantha Dinning will spend four months in London working with the development and acquisitions team at distribution and production company Element Pictures (The Guard, Shadow Dancer, Omagh).
Producer Charlie Carman will spend four months in Los Angeles working with producer Josh Kesselman (Courage Under Fire, Doctor Dolittle) at Thruline Entertainment/Tagline Pictures.

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