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Mick Pacholli
14th June 2013, 07:38 PM
Screen Australia today announced almost $60,000 in support for two short films through its Short Film Completion Fund. The films are in various stages of post-production and this funding will ensure these projects are completed to a high standard and enable the filmmakers to realise the best versions of their visions.
Writer Michelle Law and director Corrie Chen will complete their comedy Bloomers,which takes the viewer into the world of a pubescent girl fast tracking her way into womanhood using somewhat unconventional methods. Bloomers is being produced by Jiao Chen.
Writer and director Lynne Vincent McCarthy will complete herthriller Test Drive, a gripping tale about a woman trapped in the back seat of her own car, captive to two volatile brothers whose relationship is set to explode. Test Drive is being produced by Samantha Jennings and Angus Stevens.
Films supported through the Short Film Completion Fund include Yardbird (w: Julius Avery, d: Michael Spiccia, p: Jessica Mitchell), selected for Cannes 2012 and the winner of the Sydney Film Festival’s Dendy Award, and Spine (w/d: Sophie Miller, p: Sheila Jayadev), winner of Best Short Film at the 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival.
Screen Australia’s Head of Development Martha Coleman said, “This second round of Shorts Completion for 2013 has unearthed two distinctive shorts that take us on an emotional journey and help progress the skills and open opportunities for their filmmaker creators. Both shorts are destined for the festival circuit and it’s our pleasure to help them get there.”
Producer Jiao Chen
Writer Michelle Law
Director Corrie Chen
Producers Samantha Jennings, Angus Stevens
Writer/Director Lynne Vincent McCarthy
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