View Full Version : Philip Murphy Estate 2011 Chardonnay

Michael Lillis
17th May 2013, 12:09 AM
Chardonnay de la Maison
Main Ridge

The first thing you will notice is this wine is under cork. Screw tops are good however for the more mature wine drinkers among us that can still remember corks; there is a certain feeling of importance and expectation about pulling one.

The colour of the wine and the nose were one in the same.

It smelled like the colour of the wine in the glass. Ripe but not sweet with
hints of mandarin supported by the occasional faint whiff of oak and cold fruit.

This wine was soft and round in the mouth and easy to drink, yet quite powerful with its mandarin flavours.

The acid was crisp and in perfect balance with the citrus flavours that cleansed as they washed over the palate with each sip.

I enjoyed this wine with shrimp and Asian vegetables tossed with an orange and crushed macadamia nut dressing.

CONCLUSION: I just have to try more wines from Main Ridge...because I just donít remember them being this good.

Michael Lillis I love my food and wine