View Full Version : Truffle Hill Chardonnay

Michael Lillis
8th April 2013, 02:50 PM
Pemberton 2010

A shimmering green colour this wine is off to a good start.
On the nose there was all sorts of aromas wafting up from the glass, honey dew,
perfumed stone fruit and some thing I not put my finger on....nougat?
Oak was just making a cameo appearance.

In the mouth the wine was nothing short of elegant the wine is well balanced cleansing acid good fruit, medium to full bodied good depth and a lingering finish.

Conclusion: This is the second wine from Pemberton I have tasted this week that has impressed me. The first was a Sav/Blanc (God's little joke on the wine world), now a Chardonnay! I haven’t tasted Pemberton wines for some time and have just forgotten how good they can be.

I drank this wine with a light Sunday brunch at an Albert Park Café with a creamy mushroom croissant with a quail egg salad. Yum, the sharpness of the wine cut through the creamy mushroom like a knife and lifted the quail eggs to a new height.

Michael Lillis I love my food and wine