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Mick Pacholli
7th April 2013, 08:06 PM
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/140.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-n/)

In a nutshell.. (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-s/)

White Trash by Xavier Toby (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-g/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/141.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-w/)

Still Crazy (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-yd/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/142.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-yh/)

The Man with a Hat (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-yk/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/143.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-yu/)

Today Tonight, Tomorrow the World (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jl/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/144.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jr/)

George the Conductor (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jy/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/145.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jj/)

2013 - When We Were Idiots | Comedy Walking Tour (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jt/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/146.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ji/)

Squeaky Clean Comedy 2013 |MICF (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jd/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/147.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jh/)

How I Learned to Drive (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-jk/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/148.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ju/)

Juliet Meyers - Middle Lane Swimmer (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tl/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/149.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tr/)

4 for 1 @ The Comics Lounge (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ty/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/150.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tj/)

Who Saved JFK (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tt/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/151.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ti/)

Mark Trenwith After Dark (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-td/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/152.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-th/)

ON THE HOUSE eNewsletter (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tk/)

Hello All
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) is bursting with talented comedians, musicians, magicians and entertainers!
We have had a few more shows added from the MICF. Please check these out.
Some of these shows are on the same night at different times - get as many tickets as you can, $5 per transaction regardless of the number of tickets allocated per member. These are outstanding offers. If you have the opportunity to get out of the house, if you feel like having a laugh - you really should get your tickets whilst the opportunity is there. Don't think too hard, just book. Remember, the MICF will be over soon and then you have to wait another year!

Please remember - if you cannot go to see the show, tell someone who can! (http://onthehouse.forwardtomyfriend.com/j-ikjhfej-21068F78-jikhutt-l-kh)
These are fantastic events. Check out some of the reviews on our site. (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-tu/)
We always appreciate your support, so please like us on FaceBook (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-fb-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kk/) or connect through Twitter (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-tw-jikhutt-ikjhfej-uy/).

Our newest events (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-il/)


The Man with A Hat (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ir/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/154.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-iy/)

They say 'the hat makes the man', but it's what is under the hat that makes a man funny... and that's Paddy.
This solo cabaret show features comedy, magic, shadow-puppetry, improv and a ridiculous number of hats.
One hour of organised mayhem.
"Don't miss him" The Age
See this show on 7/4, 8/4, 9/4,11/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ij/)

Still Crazy (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-it/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/155.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ii/)

Simon Palomares returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a brand new show exploring life, travel and relationships after touring around the world and the high seas for the last few years.
A master story teller, he brings an insight and maturity to his comedy as few performers do.
Still Crazy looks at the insanity of love and life. The passion and the perils. The peaks and the pitfalls. All with insight, warmth, side-splitting laughter and the Spanish pizazz.
On the 17th of March Simon has been asked to host the Oz Australia Gala in Perth in front of an audience of 6000 and televised on SBS TV.
Catch him before he sets off again touring Spain and Argentina later in the year.
Make the most of the venue by having a meal before or after the show.
“Clever and genuinely funny” – The AGE
“From the moment he hit the stage, Simon Palomares had the audience eating out of his hand, a talented storyteller, Palomares is both appealing and entertaining, providing a really enjoyable comedy experience.” – Adelaide Advertiser.
Go to the opening night! on: 10/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-id/)

Today Tonight, Tomorrow the World (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ih/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/156.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ik/)

Award-winning comedian Nicholas J. Johnson has been on TV.
Not just any TV, he's been on Today Tonight as an expert on con artists.
What happens when a man who will do anything to be famous meets a TV show that will do anything for ratings?
‘Hilarious...as good a laugh as he is a con man!’
- Herald Sun

"★ ★ ★ ★" - Fringe Talk

See this show on 7/4,9/4,10/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-iu/)

Below are events you may have seen in our previous newsletter. We still have tickets to some of these shows. Now you can get 2 and sometimes 4 tickets for $5!! Check out these shows... (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dl/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/157.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dr/)

White Trash by Xavier Toby (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dy/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/158.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dj/)

White Trash is a stand-up show about racism and penguins, but mostly racism and why a middle class, white male comedian is the worst possible person to be talking about it.
“★★★★. Belly-laugh packed.” Adelaide Advertiser
“Activist comedy that’s engaging, interesting and funny throughout.” RIP IT UP
“★★★★. A smorgasboard of chuckles.” SGfringe (UK)
“Had the audience roaring.” Herald Sun
You can see this show on the 5/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dt/)

George the Conductor (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-di/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/159.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dd/)

Calling all parents and grandparents looking to for something spectacular to entertain the kids these school holidays! Anthony Verity, the acclaimed stand up mime, presents George the Conductor, a show pack with adventure, humour, romance and fun, performing on Thursday 11 April at the Just Theatre.
In this quirky and snappy pantomime, George takes the audience through the many different worlds of his vivid imagination. Featuring a score of classical greats, and a variety of vignettes, this show is well suited for the modern day attention span.
See this show on 11/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dh/)

2013 - When We Were Idiots | Comedy Walking Tour (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-dk/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/160.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-du/)

It’s 2113 and a century since Twilight 5 broke through as the most popular film of all time. Soon afterwards, society collapsed.
This retrospective walking tour celebrates the peak of rampant consumerism, ignorance and individualism that was 2013.
You can see this show on 5/4,6/4,7/4,8/4,9/4,11/4,12/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hl/)

Juliet Meyers - Middle Lane Swimmer (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hr/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/161.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hy/)

Juliet Meyers is a British Stand-up comedy writier. Juliet has written for BBC TV favourites such as The Sarah Millican Television Show and Mock The Week. She has performed all over the world and had sold-out shows at The Edinburgh Festival. I have not seen this show, but am quite curious to see what is living la vida (not very) loca all about! You have a choice of shows to choose from 4/4/2013 to 9/4/2013 – so go ahead and book! (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hj/)

Squeaky Clean Comedy 2013 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ht/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/162.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hi/)

Go see Squeaky Clean Comedy 2013 – excellent review at the Herald Sun (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hd/), which earned this show an impressive four-star rating. This looks like a fantastic gig to go to.
The line up features:
Dave O'Neil (Spicks and Specks)
Michael Connell (Australia's Got Talent)
Mike Klimczak (Adelaide Comedy Fest)
Beau Stegmann (Triple J Raw Comedy) with
Sarah Jones, Mark Pengilly, and more...
Get your tickets – shows on 6/4 and 13/4 (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hh/)

4 for 1 @ The Comics Lounge (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hk/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/163.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-hu/)

4 for 1 Comedy @ The Comics Lounge will get you laughing to some wonderful comedians who will entertain you all night long. Look at this lineup of comedians: Anthony Salame, Justin Hamilton, Ashley Fils-Aime
show is on 9/4 – get your tickets! (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kl/)

Mark Trenwith After Dark (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kr/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/164.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ky/)

This is what one person said about this show:
“I loved this show! Have seen it twice already and both shows were great. It’s random, you never know what to expect and has some very clever humour. It’s entertainment plus. 
- tickets available from 11/4 to 14/4 ! (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kj/)

How I Learned to Drive (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kt/)

http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/images/imported/2013/04/165.jpg (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-ki/)

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Co-winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Co-winner of the Lucille Lortel Award for outstanding play.

A wildly funny, surprising and devastating tale of survival as seen through the lens of a troubling relationship between a young girl and an older man. HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE is the story of a woman who learns the rules of the road and life from behind the wheel.
Absolutely a must see.
Tickets available on 2/5 for the preview show and now also for the opening night!. (http://onthehouse.cmail2.com/t/j-l-jikhutt-ikjhfej-kd/)