View Full Version : Redbank Prosecco

Michael Lillis
25th March 2013, 07:25 PM
2011 King Valley

Once again I am drinking a Prosecco and I know I must sound like a broken record;
but the Italians have a hell of a lot to worry about each time I taste an Australian Prosecco
they just get better and better each time.

This wine comes from King Valley home to some of Australiaís
Better Italian grape verities as far as I am concerned
along with some bloody good wine makers to boot.

The wine is a light gold with a green tinge around the edges
Clean fruit meets the nose hints of melon and just ripe peach

In the mouth it is light and fresh and focussed there is nothing out of place, green apples, fresh acidity.

The wine is a drink now style it will improve over the short term 12 months or so.
Itís a perfect starter to any occasion itís quite vibrant and would start a meal and could be drunk all the way to desert.

Once again I have been impressed with Australian Prosecco.
Try this wine next time you feal like a sparkling wine you may be shocked Australian Prosecco is on the way.

Conclusion: This Prosecco has been a real winner and I have no hesitation in recommending
this wine to people who are looking for a good sparkler that wont break the bank.

Michael Lillis I love my food and wine.