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Michael Lillis
12th March 2013, 02:59 PM
Chardonnay 2011
Orange $28.00

Have I told you I love Chardonnay lately!

This wine is from Orange a cool climate Region that I think is still largely undiscovered by a lot of wine drinkers in Australia,
so get out there and have look guys there is some interesting reds coming from here as well.

Chardonnay comes in many shapes and sizes some are golden straw colored,
this Chardonnay has a glowing green tint that I love.

Some smell like nuts some of pineapple this one there was just a whiff of butter on the Nose when first opened that disappeared quickly.

A slightly floral nose with a wonderful just ripe green grape aroma with a hint of oak mid plate,
yes its still a pup but itís no dog.

Drinking well now although quite tight and interwoven with citrus and a sharp line of acid that cleans
the Plate and develops a little weight on the finish.

Conclusion: I love well-made Chardonnay and this is up there with the best
and a very different style from the last two or three that I have reviewed.

I enjoyed this wine with diced Cray fish on a small soft roll with Japanese mayo.

The green sharpness of the wine worked well with the richness of the Cray.

PS. The bloody crayfish roll cost as much as the wine.

Michael Lillis I love my food and wine