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Michael Lillis
21st February 2013, 01:23 PM
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec

GRAEME & GEORGIA WILSON are Wine makers and grape smiths.

Went to south Gippsland on the weekend, driving between Fish Creek and Foster along a well used twisting pot-holed road
offering post card views of Wilsons Promontory along the way.

Out of now where perched on top a steep hill overlooking the Prom around a long bend in a slight dip just before a large pothole was the local vineyard WINDY RIDGE.

A small winery making some wonderful honest wines by honest there is no tricking up the wine by adding this and that.
What they put in the bottle is what you get, the wine speaks for it self.

The wines are hand picked, made in a small tin shed ( Pressed by foot? Bottled, and Labeled) all by hand, no 1000 bottle an hour process line here.

Yes itís still bottled with a cork; A cork offers something the twist top cannot ever do (POP) A sound I relate to a good bottle of wine and good food.

In Australia some of our first Cabernet Sauvignonís were laced with a good slug of Malbec. But back in the old days they did not have to mention this on the label.

I was in love from the time I pulled the cork the earthy perfume of Cabernet fruit, cigar box with a little oak entwined with Malbec filled the nose.

In the mouth rich berry flavours; firm dry fruit with a dusty oak finish, for me the Malbec plays a big part in the make up of this wine giving it some thing
more on the nose that earthiness I remember when I first started drinking Cab/Sav thirty odd years ago.

Conclusion: Cabernet is one of those wines that gets over looked these days; Do your self a favor grab a bottle have it with grilled lamb and pan fried mushrooms with pine nuts and basil.

PS: They make a ripper Pinot Noir as well but that is for the next road trip.
Sold around Melbourne at Good Wine stores, however look them up on the net.

Michael Lillis I love my wine and food and make a living out of both.