View Full Version : Matilda’s Ghost Shiraz 2009

Mick Pacholli
28th January 2013, 12:54 AM


$15.00 - $17.00

Went to cresswick on the weekend to visit Monk. (No I haven’t found religion) just looking forward to seeing a friend and having a well - needed rest!

Rule number one: Don’t take any thing too expensive, every thing is just Good claret or Bad claret to Monk.
So I picked carefully through the wine rack pulled out a couple of rippers.

A Matilda’s Ghost Shiraz from the Barossa Valley was my pick for Saturday nights BBQ this is a meat lover’s barby not a stick of celery with in koo Wee of the place, bread rolls are the only vegetable aloud.

Tucking into my charred lamb chop I had not taken much notice just how good the wine was. The nose was really quit full on there was pepper, a coffee hint and roast meat but I think that was my fingers there is some great fruit beginning to emerge in layers with a full bodied mid palate finishing with some fine grained tannins and it continues with spice on the finish.
This is honestly a bloody smart wine for under $20.00.

At this price I would tuck a few away for a rainy day,
I think it will surprise you in four or five years. There is some good fruit in this bottle.

Michael Lillis Love my food and wine and make a living from both.