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  1. Change.org
  2. Stop discrimination & violence against the homeless.
  3. Jimmy Little Foundation
  4. Rowland S Howard Lane Guidlines
  5. Heritage: Whats Worth Saving?
  6. Its Not All How it Seems*
  7. Democracy vs. Local Politics
  8. Tecoma is Not an Isolated Town
  9. Working *Up An Appetite:*
  10. Join Stop Smart Meters Australia
  11. Foyer Youth Services
  12. Kyma Greek Mezze Wine Pink Ribbon Dinner
  13. Madge Digest No #137 October 2013
  14. Rising Energy Costs Lead to Recession; Eventually Collapse
  15. Latin America needs to be ‘liberated’ from Twitter - Venezuelan president
  16. East West Link – tell Moonee Valley City Council your concerns - survey
  17. Friends of Syria or Friends of the Imperialist New World Order?
  18. A VCAT First: Whitehorse council backs resident group and wins for democracy
  19. Jonathan Moylan pleads not guilty in Supreme Court
  20. Moadamiya - Surrendered Prisoners treated well in Syria - Mother Agnes-Mariam
  21. The counterintuitive facts about population growth by Michael Lardelli
  22. Local Communities need to act now to save themselves and their environment
  23. Review of The Green Leaf Art Exhibition & Book by Mariette Perrinjaquet-Spertini
  24. Revolutionary ideas from beyond The Fast Diet
  25. Environmentalists will deliver $61m bill to VicForests on Friday 8 November 2013
  26. Scare Jobs: Locals Losing Out — Again! (report: Party for Freedom)
  27. Don't miss this Video: How Iceland saved its economy from ruinous dictates of the International Mone
  28. Ecuador invites American Oil Expert To Visit Contaminated Areas in the Ecuadorian Rainforest Where C
  29. What is Anarchism?
  30. JFK after 50 years
  31. Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little-known Model - By Ellen Brown
  32. Speaker Event with Barrie Tapp and Nigel Williamson at Bunyip Animal Rescue, December 1, 2013
  33. A Strange Confluence: Australian 'war on terror' and Australian jihadists
  34. Booming housing market leaves first-home buyers behind
  35. Oz Parliament: Kelvin Thomson on Planning and Population, Environment and Democracy
  36. Bled dry - the tragedy of greyhound racing's "wastage"
  37. Wild dogs attack kangaroos at Lend Lease development in Penrith
  38. Mother Agnes Mariam ON the Cross; denigration and denial of the Syrian reality.
  39. Kennedy's vision, kindness, courage and sacrifice must not be forgotten
  40. Productivity Commission: Work 'til you drop and leave your children's home to the bank
  41. Key targets of Royal Mail sabotaged before privatisation to attract private investors - UK trade uni
  42. NSW: "Disgraceful, corrupt planning bills" need you action now: NSW Better Planning Network
  43. Kelvin Thomson: Melbourne Planning Debacle
  44. Taking the Bite Out of Jaws: Reducing the public’s fear of sharks
  45. Help with East West Link submission templates here
  46. Kelvin Thomson: Australia's rapid population growth disastrous for cities
  47. BlackFish - Death at Seaworld
  48. Day 3: Malaysian Citizens Occupy Lynas Plant in Sydney claiming Radioactive emissions
  49. Acts of animal cruelty at a major poultry processor: Petition and Lateline transcript
  50. Sustainable Planet? The Silent Crisis
  51. Refugees - Living in a media Matrix
  52. Films of Kelvin Thomson's launch of Victoria First counter-growth lobby NGO
  53. UNSW Symposium: Limits to growth: Beyond the Point of Inflexion - UNESCO Mathematics of Planet Earth
  54. Australia heading the same way as the Philippines - Overpopulated and undemocratic...
  55. Ronald Coase and economic bullying today
  56. If Plan Melbourne were really seeking your opinion then it would not go ahead
  57. Full text: Kelvin Thomson speech to Victoria First Inaugural General Meeting
  58. Brimbank council administrators seeking comment re proposed land-sale
  59. Mandela: Shock Doctrine on how the African Revolution was high-jacked by bankers
  60. Population group welcomes Bindi Irwin as youth ambassador
  61. Mother Agnes condemns role of media in hiding reality of events in Syria
  62. Childish about children: Parents need to engage more politically to save their children's world from
  63. James Corbett: The open sourcing of everything
  64. Human overdevelopment threatens Carnaby's Black Cockatoos with extinction
  65. NSW Government licences Lend Lease to remove all Emus from former ADI Site at Penrith
  66. Expansion of Abbot Point Coal loader will cover Barrier Reef with silt and add to global warming
  67. Shockwave! News of Resignation of "Plan Melbourne" Committee over East West Link
  68. Blanket decision to lock mental health units a draconian step backwards
  69. Possum Wars - screening on ABC Sunday night 7.30pm - features Rheya Linden
  70. Snap East-West Link/Public Transport protest held Melbourne Parliament House steps today 12 Dec 2013
  71. If Environment Victoria continues to duck its population charter, then it should step down as a 'pea
  72. Calling for an optimum population inquiry for Australia - Petition
  73. Pope finally lifts ban on condoms ...
  74. Professor Roz Hansen’s Submission to Item 6.3 Future Melbourne (Transport) Committee on 10 December
  75. Deep Sea Mining is not the answer to poverty alleviation for the Pacific
  76. Two winners for Antarctic environmental competition
  77. Media Release - Urban Taskforce's great population growth windfall
  78. Support your local activists if you don't want Australia to be girt by concrete!
  79. Auditor General: VHIMS Hospital Incident Reporting System puts nurses off reporting danger
  80. Auditor General: Victorian hospitals badly managed dangerous places for staff and patients
  81. Animal Justice Party: Less hooves = more food
  82. Fox vs Owl in possum predation, tree dieoff - Victorian Studies
  83. Christmas revelations
  84. Toys Inc.
  85. Christmas 1914: The killing stops. 11 November 1918: Millions more dead?!
  86. Broken Promise to send Customs Vessel to monitor Japan's illegal whale killings
  87. UK Labour's surrender monkeys dare not criticize Britain's conscript economy
  88. Short Critique of the Australian Greens policy on population growth and climate change
  89. "Dear Mediawatch" - no reply received to complaint about ABC big population bias
  90. ‘Big Soy’ production in Argentina is dirty and dangerous
  91. A review of ABC Vote Compass results: Do they demonstrate pro population growth bias?
  92. Protected Habitat Doubles for Magnificent and Endangered Blue-throated Macaw
  93. Welcome to Big Australia dystopia - why some people want it
  94. Portrait of a beautiful young female kangaroo
  95. Rebuilding friendship with possums in Brisbane's urban rainforest
  96. Parallel computing expertise needlessly scrapped by ANU Computer Science department
  97. Former US Attorney General: US (& Australian) sanctions against Iraq are genocidal
  98. Extraordinary call for increase to migrant Worker Program by Australian Industry Group
  99. East West Link Tunnel threat to Melbourne Zoo
  100. Sheep will suffer and die from heat : live export industry
  101. Shame Indonesia: Surabaya Zoo hell on earth for animals
  102. Egypt - by Kelvin Thomson
  103. Syrian singer al-Hinawi supports army's fight against United States government's terrorist proxies
  104. We Need a People's Constitution and We Need it Now!
  105. California Dreamin': Why I am running for State Treasurer
  106. Keiser Report: How Bill Gates helped NSA snoops tamper with your computer and spy on you
  107. Stable Population Party leads field in Griffith By-Election 2013
  108. Attempt to stop Syria's voice being heard at the Geneva Peace Conference
  109. President Bashar al-Assad's interview with Agence France Presse
  110. Whittling away of green wedge in Frankston threatens wildlife
  111. Greek government apologises for delay to Syrian delegation's flight, claims delay was unintentional
  112. Full speech of Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem to Geneva conference
  113. Aussi version of Creation - what happened to the blokes eventually
  114. Tim Anderson on Syria - Two interviews: Channel 7 bias and the Real Deal
  115. Syrian Girl exposes the 'Assad backs Al-Qaeda' myth
  116. Griffith By-Election 8 Feb 2014: Timothy Diamond Lawrence - Sustainable Population Party Candidate
  117. The Big War ... forgotten by history
  118. Selling Obama
  119. Plan Melbourne and the New Residential Zones by Jack Roach of BRAG
  120. Leards forest being fought for by protestors
  121. States fight back against NSA: Can US states rein in an out-of-control Federal spy agency?
  122. 1983: Robert Bowman, Nena oppose nuclear war
  123. Animalia information stall tomorrow at The Tootgarook World Wetlands day
  124. Against removal 42 ha from Koala corridor Frankston Green Wedge (Victoria, Australia)
  125. DINGO DAY Friday February 14, 2014
  126. Kelvin Thomson: Too many (imported) cooks: Australian immigration program
  127. ABC and Government guilty of crimes against humanity?
  128. Syria: 'Human Rights Watch', key player in the manufacture of propaganda for war and foreign interve
  129. Miranda is returning to Hanging Rock!
  130. Is the ACMA a hamstrung tool of a corrupt ABC/Government propaganda machine?
  131. New Year's Resolve From Our Political Leaders - Griffith By-Election Opportunity
  132. Hockey goes Marie-Antoinette on Entitlement: We need a code of civil rights!
  133. Spain: Popular resistance against corruption and privatization delivers results
  134. The political sacrifice of Schapelle Corby
  135. DEPI inspectors are failing to carry out their duties
  136. Alan Sunderland's blog - The story is the boats, not the ABC
  137. Too few trees make high-density Coburg and Glenroy risky during heat waves
  138. Baby Boomer to Gen Y on home ownership
  139. Non-Birth announcement
  141. Swiss Democracy wins referendum to apply quotas to immigration numbers
  142. No place on earth for Marius - Execution of healthy young giraffe in Copenhagen Zoo 2014
  143. Is Environmentalism in Denial? (Debate Friday 14 Feb 2014)
  144. The last summer for Royal Park?
  145. Former FBI agent: body scanners don't improve air travel security
  146. A History of Politics and Population in Australia: Thomas Malthus in Australian Thought
  147. Australian Anti-malthusianism - a history
  148. On SBS Dateline: Christopher Boyce blows whistle on CIA corruption of Australian democracy, Labor Pa
  149. Lorde speaks against war criminal global elites in suppressed Grammy acceptance speech
  150. Cities getting hotter - "heat island effect"
  151. Prices rise to absorb increases in income
  152. Government Firebugs threaten old forest at Victoria's Cape Liptrap Coastal park
  153. About Syria
  154. United States attempts to overthrow popularly elected government of Venezuala
  155. Youth Unemployment at "Crisis Point"
  156. Pro-United-States coup in Ukraine
  157. Miranda Returns - Anne Lambert speaks up for Hanging Rock 2014
  158. Overpopulation and industrial farming - city dweller's tells of battery chicken factory night raid
  159. Syrians show their support for President al-Assad in popular demonstrations
  160. Australian Politician, Kelvin Thomson, warns that 'the People' are losing the war everywhere
  161. Former Shire President, Richard Hughes, speaks at Hanging Rock defense day
  162. Kew Cottages pre-State election Meet the Candidates Annual Public Meeting
  163. Mainstream 'Environment' groups still fudge population matters
  164. First verification of genetic variation mechanism in humans
  165. Victorian Budget: GSP +1.5% BUT population +1.7%
  166. Why the Party system won't allow us to push for major immigration reform
  167. About Ukraine
  168. The smallpox holocaust that swept Aboriginal Australia - Red hot echidna spikes are burning me
  169. Disempowering Australians: Electricity privatisation (begun by Jeff Kennett) is a disaster
  170. Getting rid of the party system and introducing referendums to Australia
  171. What population policy means to a people
  172. Deadly diarrhoea caused by wastewater on crops
  173. The TPP, Treaties and the Constitution
  174. NATO helping boost Afghan heroin production: Russia
  175. The South Australian Greens are supporting Stop Population Growth Now party
  176. Speeches against the Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill (Victorian Parliament)
  177. Unions and Community Groups see democracy alert in Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill
  178. A Constitution for People and Country
  179. David Tatnall exhibition of photographs of Royal Park - "The last summer" - 11-22 March 2014
  180. Join Melbourne Vigil for Peace in Syria, Friday 14 March
  181. New Population group says, "Slow down - lets aim for balance rather than endless growth"
  182. Abbott's 457 Visa largesse means hardship for Australians
  183. The Moral and Statistical Basis for Public Inquiry into Population Growth
  184. Latest change to 457 program a retrograde step
  185. March in March: Enough Deception and Manipulation
  186. An Engineer’s perspective of Australia’s Economic Nation-Building Logic
  187. Australia is an Extreme Pro-Growth Dictatorship
  188. The impact of population growth on local communities - public meeting
  189. Minister Walsh apologises to Environment East Gippsland community group
  190. Does Size Matter - report on Lowy Institute talk of 13th March 2014
  191. Victorian Kangaroo Cull for pet-food – Calculated Deception? - by Cienwen Hickey
  192. An Investor's perspective of how Australia would fail as a Publicly Listed Company
  193. Melbourne's Rapid Population Growth has "Developing World" Status
  194. Oksana Boyko interviews former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser
  195. Australia's return to a populationist development and housing policy under the Fraser Government
  196. The World is Not Hostile
  197. What is happening in Syria - update from Sister Agnes Mariam
  198. Politics of international aid and Syria
  199. ABS Statistics tell a story Government must address
  200. The Minister for Future Planning, Australia - video
  201. Land Transport Infrastructure Amendment Bill 2014 - Kelvin Thomson
  202. Who is in charge in the Ukraine today?
  203. Human Rights Watch squinting on Syria
  204. Syrian Girl raises standard of reporting on Ukraine, introduces Ukrainian Girl
  205. The growth lobby is stalking Tasmania
  206. Westernport: a bay on the brink - Environmental Presentation on Port of Hastings expansion
  207. Bankers Win Both Ways: Now They Can Take Both Taxpayer and Depositor Money
  208. 150 Global Scientists Condemn Retraction of Seralini GM Maize Study
  209. Kathryn Fox's new novel all about GM and Chinese buying up Tasmania
  210. Videos of Professor Buxton's speech at Victoria First in Ringwood, plus questions and comments
  211. ISDS and the TPP: Trading our National Sovereignty
  212. Kenneth Roth and “Human Rights Watch”: campaigners for war and terror in Syria
  213. Help needed to expose bogus government kangaroo "science"
  214. April Fools and Feeding the Multitude - Debunking the Green Delusion
  215. ABC MD Mark Scott (the Pot) calling the News Corporation kettle black?
  216. Syria: Countering sectarian apologetics for imperialist sponsored bloodshed
  217. DEPI and Parks Victoria declare a secret war on the Southern Brown Bandicoot
  218. New Video from new YouTube Channel: "May Syria Prevail"
  219. South Eastern Red-tailed cockatoo under threat from burning for fuel reduction
  220. HSBC's Bloxam fails 'Aging Population 101' saying More Asian migration would help Australia
  221. Q&A: Human Rights and Wrongs on Population, Immigration, Refugees and Asylum-seekers
  222. President Yanukovich: Illegitimate rulers of Ukraine to face trial for coup against elected governme
  223. SPA: Ending population growth a critical climate-change mitigation tool
  224. Sweden - censored on speaking out about immigration
  225. Crimean prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya, celebrated as anime character
  226. Why are we war-mongering in Ukraine and nearby?
  227. EXPOSED: John Kerry, Turkish PM and Co implicated in Turkey False Flag Using AlQaeda To Start War Wi
  228. First ever European Presidential Debate hopes to reinvigorate youth vote
  229. In Brazil - NETmundial - Future of Internet Governance - Global Multistakeholder meeting
  230. Much more to Australian productivity problems than labour costs
  231. 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival All Stars - Wil Anderson thinks he's funny?
  232. Nulandistan Video of Crosstalk show on international politics in Ukraine is rivetting and informativ
  233. Treasurer Hockey ignores massive source of funds
  234. Complaint re ABC reporting on Syria and the Turkish Erdogan Government: Lateline and Correspondent's
  235. Environment, population and the state – ethical considerations - by Jill Quirk
  236. Len Warfe challenges Gospel truth according to The Age
  237. Poland's ruling elites side with United States and neo-nazis against Ukraine and Russia.
  238. May 4: Children’s March for the Animals to Melbourne Zoo - massive dress-up opportunity!
  239. The Golden Age of Gas - and higher prices
  240. Anglicare: Fed Gov throws 88 out of 89 low income renters to wolves
  241. Video: Big damages win against Fracking in Texas
  242. Video: Odessa Massacre - See full reporting instead of ABC/SBS censored versions
  243. Video: Brave Ukranian residents chase NATO-backed tanks out of Kramatorsk
  244. Video: Report on the Children's March for the Animals against EastWest Link today at Melbourne Zoo
  245. Australian press actively covering up Kiev-Odessa war-crime?
  246. Close your eyes if you still dare: US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine - Video documentary
  247. An international student call for pluralism in economics
  248. Where is Billy??!!
  249. Sat 10 May - Kenneth Davidson "Kleptomania and the Contract State" speaker AGM of Protectors of Publ
  250. Vid-Interview: Russia-US relations as seen by past NATO secretary - Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo