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    I saw my first Jackie Chan movie on Friday. I know itís remiss of me, leaving it this long, but Jordan and Alex, training for Pan Pacs in jiu-jitsu or whatever, must have inspired me.
    The fight scenes choreography was amazing. A bit like capoeira, with one person dancing with five partners at a time, instead of one, while trying to slaughter them.

    The plot was stunning, consisting mainly of fight scenes. The main protagonist and his partner, while trying to track down two counterfeiters, made non-stop efforts to wipe out most of the population of Hong Kong, while stopping the population of Hong Kong from tossing them out 40 story buildings, and other murderous onslaughts.

    Light relief from flying bodies was provided by Chanís partner continually ogling a never-ending supply of lightly clad, stunning looking females. His occasional efforts at actual dancing were also amazing. John Travolta eat your heart out.

    Was it a politically correct film? Well of course. A fair selection of the stunning females were busy trying to stun, if not kill, our heroes, via stabbing, garrotting, and otherwise basically kicking the shit out of them.

    Well I have been watching the US elections. Compared to a Trump rally, they were pc for sure. I recommend it as compulsory viewing. Wonder why I never got a job as a film reviewer.
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