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Safety in numbers


  • Safety in numbers

    Photo: Raija

    We sheltered
    from the rain shower
    under the bridge
    how could we know
    what the skies
    had in mind
    this morning
    it was going to be fine
    most people
    are taken in by
    the weather girl’s
    sunny smile

    You bought an umbrella
    at the convenience store
    we walked
    halfway on the bridge
    the gates open
    for the ship to sail in
    after so many years
    no more second guessing
    you saw the dawn
    through the storm
    this really is a blessing

    We walked back
    to the shore’s edge
    the wind blowing
    through the harbour
    I recall feeling small
    along the
    ‘Dime a dozen’ ferry
    not a rare bird
    praying for answers
    flying low to the gutter
    beneath the moon bend
    and the wings of
    flocking songbirds

    From the ferry
    at Circular Quay
    to Darling harbour
    some of us cling
    to the ship’s mast
    in fickle gusts
    we, the outcasts
    see how the fear mongers
    their tangled nerves
    untangle the nets
    to appease their hunger

    The stairway
    to the Lyric
    unwinding the tension
    Dream wanderer!
    no- one can ever
    steal your thunder
    for each standing ovation
    the privilege of standing
    next to the writer
    the seats sold out
    and you never did
    you show us how to hold on

    You searched with me
    for my lost docket
    at Pirrama Park
    it seems a long way
    from home ground
    if not for faith
    after all this time
    I’d still be wandering
    among many
    waiting for my slice of cake
    on a crowded bridge
    I welcome new friends

    Raija 7 October 2016

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